ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

Posted on 7 August 2021 (last verified 7 August 2021)

We’ve seen some crazy good ChuckIt! dog toy deals lately. They sell out super fast, so better jump on this one right away. Amazon is selling the ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy for just 5 bucks shipped to your door with Prime. Chewy and Petco are running the same deal but you’ll get dinged shipping. That’s $10 off list price and the best deal we’ve ever seen. This is billed as the ideal frisbee for high-flying games of fetch. Designed for long-distance flight, it also floats in water making it great for playing at the pool or lake. Check out those reviews–4.5 stars after 9900+ reviews and a Fakespot B grade!

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