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Book of More Money (“BoMM”) doesn’t sell any products. Rather, we are a free web publication that provides information on deals from retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. The product descriptions and the crossed-out list prices you see on our website are based on the product descriptions and list prices you see on the retailer’s website. Although we participate in affiliate advertising (as described on our Affiliates page), we have absolutely no control over what retailers publish on their own websites. In other words, we cannot take responsibility if a retailer provides a bogus product description or wildly inflates the list price of an item. Along those lines, the prices we post are current as of the exact time we post the deal. We have no ability to tell a retailer to hold a price valid for any amount of time or keep a coupon code alive. Bottom line is if the price on our website doesn’t match the retailer’s site, absent a typo on our end, it means the deal has expired. If a coupon or promotion isn’t working for you, there’s nothing we can do about it.

We try to vet every deal that gets posted to BoMM’s website. We compare prices in the same way most people do, i.e., by running searches. While we try to provide the most accurate information when it comes to price comparisons, readers of our website should do their own price research before making any purchases. If we say a deal is the lowest price we could find, that does not mean you might not be able to find a better deal. If we say a deal is the lowest price we’ve ever seen, that does not mean you’ve never seen a lower price or some other person has never seen a lower price. Sometimes on our website you might see references to Fakespot. Fakespot is a free online tool that analyzes product reviews on Amazon and other websites in an effort to weed out fake reviews. BoMM has no affiliation with Fakespot and has no control over or insight into Fakespot’s rating system. We provide Fakespot ratings just as an FYI.

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