Review: Slackers 90' Zipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Brake Kit

To pass time during the COVID-19 crisis, one of our kids came up with the genius idea of setting up a zipline in the backyard of our vacation home in Murphys, CA. We have several large trees as well as a 100 ft. creek bed, making it the perfect spot to set one up. I immediately started researching ziplines and after reading numerous online reviews, I settled on the Slackers 90' Zipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Brake Kit.

Book of Mormon or Pokemon/Disney

If you’re looking for a fun activity for Sunday School or Family Home Evening, check out our newly created “Book of Mormon or Pokémon” and “Book of Mormon or Disney” games. It’s easy to play! Players are presented with a name and have to guess whether that name comes from the Book of Mormon or from Pokémon/Disney. Each correct answer is worth a point. You can also get creative and award bonus points for things like providing the relevant chapter from the Book of Mormon, guessing a Pokémon’s type, or naming the title of the relevant Disney film.

Review: Sun Tail Mermaid Tail with Monofin

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a mermaid (or a merman), you’ll appreciate this review of the Sun Tail Mermaid Designer Mermaid Tail with Monofin. We purchased two of these from Amazon for my daughters, ages 9 and 11, and after an entire summer of use, we were so satisfied with these mermaid tails that we wanted to do a detailed product review for the benefit of our readers. We know most of you have kids who would absolutely love a mermaid tail like this.

Review: Intex Inflatable Bull (Inflat-A-Bull)

According to Wikipedia, the taming of bulls as a sport has ancient roots dating as far back as the Minoan civilization in 2600 BC. After 4600 years, we think it’s safe to say that the desire to ride the bull is now built into our DNA. Kids are born wanting to ride the bull. It’s inherently human. The desire to ride the bull is inherently human. The kids in our family are no exception to this fact of life.

Our 5 Favorite Busy Bag Ideas

Getting the kids fed, dressed, and out the door on a Sunday morning is just half the battle. Getting them to sit quietly through an hour of church is the other half. Some parents get that specific look on their face during church—the “it’s almost Sunday school and they become someone else’s problem” look. Once in a while, that look turns into something real special. It’s an entirely different look, one you see on a mom wrangling two kids at about 5 minutes past the hour—when service is supposed to end—and whoever’s at the podium is still going with no end in sight.