Anxiety Healing Program

Anxiety Healing Program

Posted on 11 August 2019 (last verified 11 August 2019)

The Anxiety Healing Program was created by Kate Wirig, a wife and mom of five kids who holds degrees in neuroscience and psychology and has received numerous awards including Brigham Young University’s “Circle of Honor” Award. Right now, Kate is giving our readers an additional 15% off the program through coupon code BOOKOFMORE15. It was designed to be an affordable AND convenient program for teenagers and adults. Do it anywhere, even in your car during your work commute. There are two parts to this program–the audio portion and the workbook portion. The audio portion is divided into nine sessions aimed to identify and address different types of anxiety: General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety, and situational anxiety. The workbook portion features exercises that correspond to each audio session. Read more on the Anxiety Healing Program website.

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